Sunday, 20 October 2013

Random Images - Mods and all that

 Dunbar Scooter Rally 1984 July. 633 SS member Jamie Thompson (My Brother) on his Vespa PX 125 taking off on a ramp for some fun. The mental thing is, this is the same vehicle he was going to have to ride back to Tilbury on the next day - 400 + miles.
 Tilbury Mods - Lee Sheldrick circa 1982 - drunk I reckon and possibly at Rhonda Barnes's house?
"Mutant" Paul Crickmar and Tucker "David Meurs" on route to Dunbar somewhere on the A1 1984.
This is an obscure one. Mark Cluer on Camber Sands beach after a beach party there. There is a big extract in the diary about this event. Might follow if requested.
 The caption on the back of this reads 'Clappa the black Pig' the caf√© in Tilbury near Sydney Rd circa 1984.
 SLS (Street Level Stylists) and Take Oath practice at Wellington Rd. Boffa left (SLS) and Gary Dartnell with drum sticks. Circa 1981/82?
 This is from around 1985 and was shot down near the bridge along St Andrews Rd adjacent to where the Railway cottages used to be and Tilbury hospital. This is at the north end of the bridge with an arrow showing the way to Tilbury Gardens which was a small estate of very nice and large private houses to the west of the Riverside railway terminal, between there and the dock basin when it was still there. Looking at Google maps and researching this recently for my diary I saw that this area is now a big lorry park and the basin has been totally filled in.
"Heckle" AKA Lee Dockrill at the Riverside Youth Club circa 1984?
Aug 1984 L-R Danny Peach crashed out. Loolie on the pull with Karen Ansill? Sean McFairclough and Paul Weller, no sorry... Boffa. This party was for Danny, but was at someone else's house? It's also the party where someone walked through a plate glass window that shattered with razor sharp glass and no-one got cut?

 Billy Guitar Mayell with Boffa Take Oath & SLS join forces and jam at 94 Wellington Rd, circa 81/82.
 Billy Guitar Mayell & Lisa Williams circa 1983 when they were contemplating forming a band with the dubious name of 'Lovejuice'.
Jamies yellow TV 175? circa 1982, don't know what happened to it. Boffa would probably know, I seem to remember they bought from an old bloke in Danielle Harvey's road?

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