Saturday, 25 February 2017

Loolie at the Bench #1

Mods 'n' all that - the art project.

I might have this as a diary of a new project I've got on the go. 'Mods 'n' all that' the art project. I've painted a couple of self-portraits already and they're in different stages of development. The first one 'Me at Boffa's bench #1' is 96% finished and isn't out there on the internet at this stage, but the second one which is probably 35% complete, is out there on my face book page currently languishing at stage 10 in its development.

The 3rd painting which I'm about to start is going to feature Graham Clasper. So tomorrow we're meeting and I'm going to shoot some reference images of him to work from. He's going to style it clothes-wise and we'll take it from there. Provisionally this one is called "Loolie at the bench #1". I'm calling this one #1 as it's likely that there'll be further paintings done on a much larger scale in the future, the current images are just being done primarily to develop techniques, ideas and concepts and to figure out a workflow and modus operandi.

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